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After meeting us at the airport Peter then explained what we could expect to see with regards to animal life while on our vehicle mounted excursions, it was very obvious that Peter knew his material and processed a great knowledge of the Delta with its fauna, flora and wild life that could only come through many years spent in the bush on such safaris, his people skills are first class and his ability to clearly explain what was needed to all levels and ages of our group was apparent and appreciated.
In conclusion I would like to highly commend Peter for this opportunity and thank him profusely for his service, friendship, knowledge and expertise. I had previously been on a safari in Kenya some 5 years ago and up until Botswana had no idea of what a real safari was like with a real safari guide like Peter.
Barrie Rice. Canada 2014
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We have been fortunate to have used Peter Comley as a safari guide for 20 plus safaris both in Botswana and in other African countries over the last 30 years all of which have been for a duration of a minimum of 3 weeks. Peter has excellent knowledge of both the fauna and flora. His skills at identifying birds are excellent. He can identify most of the trees and shrubs in the parks, and can also give information of their properties and uses. No safari would be complete without his excellent guide book ‘Mammals of Botswana which clearly shows the massive amount of knowledge that Peter has about the Wildlife of Botswana.
Carolyn & Nigel Dent
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25th August 2014


Peter Comley is the best guide I've ever had. I have done three trips with him to Botswana , Rwanda and Tanzania. We always enjoyed our time in Botswana due to the fact Peter showed us the beauty in all big and small creatures. He made us fall in love with Africa. We will be back soon!
Susanne Pfaelander Switzerland, 20 August 2014
Susanne Pfaelander []

MenoAKwena   I have been on Safari with Peter Comley as the lead guide 5 times now. Peter is an outstandingly knowledgeable and credible guide. He easily navigates in thick bush and desert likewise, be it on car, on foot or on mokoro. He reads footprints, interprets droppings and never misses a sound from game around us.
Peter anticipates potentially difficult situations long before they evolve - he loves adventure but never takes uncalled for risks. I remember three scary encounters which could not possibly be avoided: an elephant and a lioness while in the jeep, and a buffalo while on foot. Peter managed every single situation impressively calmly and with great care: the elephant by calming him down, the lioness by demonstrating superiority (she finally bolted with her tail between her legs) and the buffalo by finding us a way out of the area (it took a great amount of time, hiding and sneaking between bushes though).
No need to mention that Peter has an expert's knowledge of African wildlife - his books are proof enough. But more important to me is that he happily and entertainingly shares his knowledge - it's never boring on Peter's safaris even if there isn't a single antelope around. The wild dog is probably the only species Peter has not yet managed to show me - one reason more to come back soon!
Thomas Thellung
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