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Kafue, Zambia

Kafue 2014

White Tailed Mongoose

Lioness & Cub


Botswana: I know and love my backyard like few others. Okavango, Makgadikgadi and Kalahari are varied and special.

Gabon: My most recidivist guests, Nigel and Carolyn Dent who have been on over twenty safaris with me called me from the UK and asked, ‘We want to go to Gabon and wondered if you would take us?’ My answer was “Sure I will if you tell me where it is!’ We had a fantastic safari filled with adventure and uncommon animals. Gabon is Africa with a French flavour! Attractions are rare species like mandrills, lowland gorillas, golden cats and unusual behaviour such as surfing hippo. 

Kenya: This is an amazing wildlife destination that also offers great cultural and beach experiences.

Mozambique: Fantastic beaches, wonderful coral reefs for snorkelling and a place to swim with wild dolphins and the world’s largest fish – the whale shark. This is a perfect add on for a southern African bush break but the country does not offer a real wildlife destination at present.  

Namibia: I know this land of spectacular and harsh scenery almost as well as I know Botswana. If you are looking for abundance of wildlife this is probably not the destination for you. Rather its appeal lies in the sculptured and endless beauty of one of the driest deserts on earth and the adaptation of life – both big and small to the harsh conditions. 

Rwanda: This is the best place to visit mountain gorillas because they have significantly more habituated troops than either the DRC or Uganda.  It combines well with a safari to either Uganda or Tanzania but does not offer a destination in itself as there are very few other protected areas due to the human population density. The genocide memorial in Kigale is a sad but thought provoking  monument to a tragic era.

South Africa: A land of rich diversity. The rich history and the battlefields of this previously conflicted nation are my speciality. The last trip that I did with the Dents was a three week  trip through Swaziland and South Africa and they described it as the most diversified safari that they had ever done with me. Some of the highlights included the battlefields, whale watching , wine estates, historica sites, National Parks in various places, Robben Island and Table Mountain.  

Swaziland: This tiny landlocked mountain kingdom does more to retain old traditions than anywhere else in Africa. They hold spectacular annual festivals which welcome visitors adn really should not be missed. A number of small but important parks preserve key species such as rhino and the country offers excellent bird watching.  

Tanzania: One of the very best! Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Kilimanjaro, Ruaha. The names roll off the tongues of the romantics. Zanzibar rounds off the bush experience with some beach and history.  If the migration is what you are after plan carefully. Many visitors stare disappointedly at empty grasslands but to be in the middle of the hundreds of thousands of wildebeest as they move though an area is completely unforgettable. 

Uganda: A banana republic in the kindest sense as this country stews, distils barbeques and even eats their banana’s raw! Mountain gorillas, chimps and a plethora of other primates are a highlight that other places struggle to emulate. There are also some outstanding parks combined with friendly industrious people and Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest fresh water lake make this a special destination.

Zambia: This is a hugely underrated safari destination. I took a group of some of my most repeat clients  (Rolf’s eight safari with me) through Kafue late last year and we had such excellent game with so few other tourists around (we saw one other vehicle in two weeks) that  I plan to offer some scheduled safaris to Kafue . Please take a look at the itinerary if you are interested. Liuwa is a fascinating place and gets a mention in my book Django. If you like remote destinations this could be for you.

Zimbabwe:  The favourite of many an old African traveller and tourism is now expanding as this troubled country is going through a period of relative calm. Victoria Falls has always been  a safe destination and is one of the most spectatular natural wonders on earth.  

If you would like to get a better sense of who I am please read my book Django: A Small Dog with a Big Heart which relates some of my safari adventures that I shared with a special dog or take a look at some of the testimonials from regular clients.